Vein patient stories

Posted on October 14, 2015 · Posted in Blog

54-year-old woman has been suffering from consequences of varicose veins for many years. First blue strings of vein appeared on her legs more than 25 years ago, right after her first pregnancy. Like most people would, these small blue veins were ignored by the patient and underestimated by her primary physician, until several years later when she started having severe symptoms. Swelling of the ankles by the end the day would oblige her to sit and elevate her legs regularly. Burning and itchiness of the skin would refrain her from performing her daily activities and work. Night cramps and restless legs would wake her up and make every night a painful event. The images show the results before and after endovenous laser ablation combined with a session of ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy on both lower extremities. The patient reported on her follow up visits that all symptoms have resolved and she is up with regular daily activities.