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Ten Healthy Hair Habits

Posted on December 15, 2014 · Posted in Blog

We all have that friend with perfect, shampoo-commercial hair. It’s shiny, has body, and their worst hair day looks like your best. While they make perfect and healthy hair seem effortless, beautiful and healthy hair isn’t an easy feat for many women. While hair texture and type can’t be changed, there are some lifestyle and dietary changes you can maker to get great, healthy, shiny hair that’s all your own.

Shampoo Sparingly

If you shampoo your hair more than three times a week, you could be stripping it of shine-producing, frizz-taming moisture. Some women with frizzy hair and dry scalp can get away with washing every other week, while women with oily hair may have to shampoo daily. While there’s no magic number for how often a woman should shampoo, it’s best to cut back if you notice your hair is dry or over-worked.

Take Cooler Showers

If you love super-hot showers, it could be the reason behind your dry and frizzy hair. Hot water dehydrates the strands of your hair, and can lead to dry, brittle hair that’s more prone to break and fall out. If you drop the temperature of your shower down a few degrees and rinse your hair with cool water, you’ll be saving your hair – one strand at a time.

Minimize Heat Exposure

If you just can’t bring yourself to ditch the blow dryer, curling iron, or hair straightener, be mindful of how you use the tools. To minimize damage, spritz your hair with a heat protectant spray before you start the styling process. Additionally, try to use the lowest effective heat setting for your flat iron and curling iron. If possible, let your hair air dry or use a towel instead of reaching for the blow dryer.

Focus on Your Diet

Did you know that calorie-restrictive diets are one of the triggers that can cause hair loss? Starving yourself forces your body to direct its energy towards essential functions – like helping your heart and brain work – instead of producing new hair. By eating a healthy diet that’s rich in lean proteins, whole foods, and veggies, you’ll maximize your health and stimulate hair growth.

Switch up Products

Many women with beautiful hair admit to switching up their products so their hair never “gets used” to one. Simply switching from your usual shampoo to a clarifying version can help, since these deep-cleaning formulas strip away hair product and environmental pollutants which may have built up in your hair. To give your wallet and hair a break, consider switching up between drugstore and salon products.

Avoid the Sun

To protect your hair from turning into a brassy, frizzy mess, shade your hair whenever you’re in the sun for an extended amount of time. Even if the temperature is freezing, the sun can still damage your hair many months later. Too much UV exposure weakens keratin and can cause discoloration. Although an SPF hair product can help, a sun hat or nourishing, natural pomade is the better approach.


Change Your Part

Did you know that if you part your hair in the same place all the time, the part can actually get wider? Years of constant pulling and stress can cause hair loss, so switching up your part is ideal. While you’re at it, stop stressing out in general: ongoing extreme stress can thin out hair. Fortunately, hair loss due to acute stress is reversible, so add yoga, meditation, and other relaxing techniques to your routine ASAP.

Drink Moderately

In moderation, alcohol consumption has virtually no impact on the body. But, when done in excess, it can cause a plethora of problems, including hair loss. Frequent alcohol consumption decreases important nutrients in the body, like zinc and iron. Decreased levels of zinc can cause dry, brittle hair, while decreased levels of iron prevent hair follicles from receiving nutrients essential for growth.

Color Only When Necessary

The majority of women with “perfect” hair have never dyed their hair. The harsh chemicals found in hair dyes and bleaches strip the hair of nutrients essential for hair health and growth. Instead of highlighting or dying your hair, consider using clip-in hair extensions for a highlighted look without the damage.

Avoid Tight Hairstyles

If a tight ponytail or braid is your go-to style, you may wish to reconsider how you wear your hair. Styles that put excess tension on the hair follicles can damage them and create scars that can destroy them permanently over time. If you just can’t resist wearing a ponytail, vary the position and use gentle fabric bands instead of elastic. Try to wear your hair down whenever possible – you’ll thank yourself later!