Hand Rejuvenation / Hand vein removal

Posted on March 16, 2015 · Posted in Blog

Why are Hand Veins Treated?

Many patients choose to have them treated for cosmetic reasons, that is, simply, to look better and younger. A lot of people are self-conscious about the way their hands look.

What Causes Hand Veins to Become Enlarged?

With age, the skin loses volume, fat and elasticity. This allows the veins to bulge out and look more noticeable and appear enlarged. Such veins are usually not diseased or painful, although they can be unattractive

How Is It Done?

Injections to remove veins are done both for the hands and legs. These injections are performed at our clinic by Dr.Melkonyan himself. For these treatments, no anesthetic is needed. The medications used are all FDA approved with a long record of safety. It is important to note also that all the equipment used are disposable and as such, for single use only.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Some sclerotherapy patients have reported mild discomfort during the treatment, described as the feeling of tiny pin-pricks.

Before/ After pictures